Cheryl Stephens Quotes on Clear Communication

Clear communications gives your business a positive image as efficient, responsive, and friendly. Isn't that how you want your customers to see you?

Using plain language for your customers' benefit reduces their frustration and increases their confidence and rapport with you. It sets up a friendly relationship based on openness and trust.

When your company provides customers with clear, meaningful information, and the competition provides wordy, difficult descriptions and instructions, you have the advantage. Your customers can make better-informed decisions, more quickly, and with greater trust.

Plain language recognizes it is not the reader's responsibility to labour to discover meaning.

Good communications build rapport, confidence, and self-esteem in your staff and contribute to a more effective and efficient law practice.

Information that is important to people's lives should be understandable.

Everyone is under time pressure today so no one should have to work to understand the information they need.

The best communicators can make difficult or complex information clear and simple.

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